We are a Family Owned – State Certified – Local Defensive Driving Company, operating in Greater Houston, Texas since 1993.

We have a staff of professional instructors who are dedicated to making Defensive Driving classes informal, informative and entertaining.

We value our customers and provide excellent customer service before, during and after the class. If you have a problem you can call us. We want to help. If we can’t provide the help and service that you need and deserve we will help you find someone who can. We will not insult your intelligence nor your moral values.

Owners Jim and Terri Baker
Owners Jim and Terri Baker

Corporate & Group Classes

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, we also offer State Certified Corporate and Group Classes. Civic Organizations, Churches, Large/Medium Business Groups, any safety minded industrial company offering insurance discounts and for general safety, we have programs suited just for you!

Give us a call at (281) 457-6700 to set up a Corporate or Group Class today!

Our Team

Jim Baker
Jim BakerOwner/Instructor
John Baker
John BakerOwner/Instructor
Dixie King
Dixie KingInstructor
Julia James
Julia JamesInstructor
Troy Winslett
Troy WinslettInstructor
Mike Mason
Mike MasonInstructor
Kevin Johnston
Kevin JohnstonInstructor
Adrianne Stevens
Adrianne StevensInstructor